Photo Restoration in Billings, MT.

Enjoy your old family photos and historical archives for years to come.

Bring the past back to life with digital photo restoration.

If you’re like the rest of us, you probably have some old photo albums sitting around. The problem is, photos don’t last forever. Old photos and documents — especially those you may have inherited — have a tendency to fade over time. Bring us your creased, faded, or damaged photos and we’ll revitalize your image so that you can enjoy it again and share with friends and family.

Types of Restoration

Solve almost any type of photo issue with digital photo restoration.

Repairing old, damaged, or wrinkled photos.

Restore your old photos so that they can be handed down and enjoyed by all. Once restored, they can be printed, framed, and gifted to family members, co-workers, employees, and more.

Fixing contemporary photos

Other options for photo restoration include colorizing, removing objects, replacing objects, facial corrections, head swaps, tooth whitening, braces removal, and more.

How digital photo restoration works

At Rimrock, our restoration process is digitized and does not alter the original document or photo in any way. We only handle the original photo to recreate the image in a separate, digital file. Throughout the entire process, we’ll make sure to treat your photos as if they were our own family heirlooms.

Mail your photo or document, or bring it into our store in-person.

We’ll recreate your photo using a digital process, and make whatever changes you like.

When we’re done, we’ll email you a proof for review.

You can order prints of your newly stored photo whenever you’re ready.

You’ll receive your original photo in the exact same condition as when you gave it to us for safekeeping.

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