Art Digitization

Art Digitization in Billings, MT.

Capture your artwork to add to your digital portfolio, or make prints.

Create digital versions of original artwork for reproduction or safekeeping.

At Rimrock Art and Frame, we work directly with artists and art lovers to help preserve original pieces once they’re completed. All you have to do is bring your original artwork or document to our shop, either framed or unframed. If needed, our staff can remove the art from the frame and reinstall it after capture for a nominal charge. Artwork behind glass must be removed for quality capture.

Rimrock Art Photographer

Work with our master photographer, Ric Zimmerman, who has over 40 years experience in the art of photographing artwork. Because lighting during the capture is critical, our dedicated photography studio at Rimrock allows Ric complete control over the conditions necessary for a great shot.

We offer two different art digitization packages.

Cost covers either photographing or scanning your file without making any adjustments. Any visual adjustment requests will incur an additional charge.

This option is ideal if you simply wish to archive your work or prefer to make the edits yourself at home.

Service includes proofing prints against the original and requests for minor color adjustments at scheduled pick up time.

This service provides an optimized “Print-Ready” file.

We’re happy to provide assistance with your image edits, Photoshop training etc. Our fees for this service are $75/hr with a $35 minimum.

Both packages include the following three digital files:

  1. Archival – TIFF, highest resolution, 300dpi** at original size. Color profile: Adobe RGB 1998.
  2. Print – JPG, print ready, under 100MB, 300dpi. Color profile: Adobe RGB 1998.
  3. Preview – JPG, web thumbnail, 1000px along long edge at 72dpi. Color profile: Adobe RGB 1998.

***Files will be provided via either a CD, thumb drive, or Dropbox. Unless otherwise agreed upon, we will retain a master copy of each image for future printing requests by the artist. Larger originals may have lower dpi.

Package Add-Ons

  • Print your images on any media you choose.
  • Choose from a wide selection of framing materials & methods.
  • Editing and/or Restoration Services.