Questions For Your Framer

We see this quite often in our business. Client brings in a very nice limited edition previously framed print for a makeover. When we open the frame package we find that the previous framer not only did not “preserve and protect” the print, but actually caused irreversible damage due to either laziness, a lack of knowledge or both. This particular print was recently found on eBay selling for around $500 and was probably purchased for about $150 years ago. Decent appreciation for a limited edition print. Now it’s worth exactly NOTHING, thanks to a custom framer who shouldn’t have been allowed to frame it.

(Note that double sided tape was used on top of the paper margin and on top of the image to adhere the mat to the package. This print was ruined the second that the tape was applied. There are many other proper methods to accomplish this!)

So how do you know you can trust your framer? It’s simple; ask questions! For starters, ask if anyone on staff is a Certified Picture Framer. A CPF has passed a rigorous exam covering all aspects of art restoration, preservation, conservation, proper framing techniques, glazing, mounting and on and on. If your framer has a CPF on staff, you can rest assured that your artwork will be treated properly. We’re proud to have Melissa Contreraz, CPF on staff here at Rimrock Art & Frame.

You should also ask “how will my artwork be treated after I leave?” And “how do you attach the artwork to the framing package?” If you ask about “hinging”, the person at the counter will immediately know that you’ve done your research. Also, be sure to ask about your glazing options. Ask anything that you are either curious or concerned about! If you don’t get the answers that make you feel confident, take your art to another framer. Trust us, there are framers out there who don’t know what they’re doing!

If you have questions, we’re happy to help. That’s what we do!